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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pets at the Party

Many brides and grooms these days are choosing to have their pets in the wedding. This is definitely a good way to have your pet be part of your special day. However, there are tips to make sure the day goes the way you planned with your favorite pet being at your side.

  1. Make sure the facility will allow the pet to be there and find out specifically what area the pet can or can't be in.

  2. Make sure you have someone besides the wedding couple to care for the pet on the day of the wedding. This should be someone who knows the pet and is comfortable disciplining the pet if needed. This person should also have a supply of treats, and poop bags for any messes that will happen.

  3. The pet should be leashed at all times, not everyone likes pets and also you don't want the pet to jump up on their wedding day outfit.

  4. During the ceremony make sure there is someone there to escort the pet away if needed. If the pet is kennel trained bring the kennel and after the time that the pet is needed take the pet away from the area.

  5. Do not leave the pet in a car especially on a hot day even if the windows are rolled down! A pet can overheat in a car even in the winter if the car is in the sun!!

  6. Make sure if you are having the pet wear flowers that the type of flowers are not poisonous to the pet in case they eat them.

  7. Make sure your photographer and videographer know that the pet is going to be there so they can be prepared and get those cute photos.

True Story: When my husband Scott and I got married we had our two dogs Jynx and Piper a Siberian Husky and a Beagle. They each had an attendant with them and we made sure the dogs were groomed that morning and somewhat worn out by the time they arrived at the ceremony location. Everything went great with having them there but, during the ceremony the beagle decided that she wanted to talk. It turned out she just wanted to be sitting next to the Husky but, we did have someone that escorted her away and it got a laugh from the guests. So even with being prepared you never know what can happen. Thankfully most of those events turn out funny and memorable.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses

Many brides have challenges when deciding which bridesmaid dress to choose for their wedding. It is a hard process because you typically have many opinions and styles that your attendants want to wear and they are usually the ones footing the bill on the dress. So how do you make everyone happy?

The new trend is to choose a color or fabric of dress and then let your attendants choose the style of dress. This way they can have a dress that flatters them and hopefully that they will wear again in the future. By going this route your attendants will be more comfortable spending more money on a dress that they truly like and will wear more than once.

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