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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Facebook Wedding!

Facebook is one of our favorite places to be as most of you know. And as most of you know Mr. Facebook married is partner in crime Priscilla Chan – a beauty he met in college.
The couple had spent more than seven months planning the wedding but had not even revealed they were engaged. Here were some of the fun details from the wedding… check it out…


She wore one of the beloved designers in the wedding industry – Claire Pettibone. It was a laser cut lace neckline and sheer back. Such a stunner. You can also have your own if you love it as much as us.


They had a special guest at the wedding. The internet entrepreneur’s dog, Beast, walked Mark’s wife down the aisle. The one-and-a-half-year-old Puli, a type of Hungarian sheep dog, has been a prominent figure in Zuckerberg’s life. The puppy even has his own Facebook page where he documents his daily activities like eating, sleeping and bathing.


They were married in a smaller ceremony (under 100 guests) in their gorgeous backyard in Palo Alto, California! Simply Stunning! All of the guests thought they were there to celebrate Chan’s graduation.


From some of the pictures posted you can see that they had gorgeous lanterns with white pillar candles along their path in their yard.
As you can see from Mark Zuckerberg’s update – you will find bistro or globe lighting in the background! An intimate and lovely choice for lighting for a backyard wedding.


Lots and lots of beer was delivered to their home the Friday before their wedding. Talk about a fun time.


One of their favorite restaurants, the couple served Fuki Sushi as part of the guests meal.

and Palo Alto Sol Mexican Food… delish!


Guests were served LA Burdick’s chocolate mice for dessert, a treat the couple shared on their first date.


Yes, you got it – Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day front man, was said to be heard over the microphone and played as a gift to the couple.