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Friday, May 11, 2012

Adorable Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are all the rage for personalizing your wedding. It is a really fun project for the Groom, or you can purchase custom signs on sites like The beauty of a wedding sign is that you can have it say absolutely anything you want, the more creative the better. Detail is always key in weddings, and signs are an inexpensive way to add those extra details. Here are some of what I think are the most adorable wedding signs…

The “Here Comes the Bride” banner and sign concept is definitely trending. We love it, and we don’t want it to go away. Whether it comes in a banner form, sign or even flag form. It’s super adorable and a great entry for the Bride!

 Absolutely perfect way to personalize your ceremony altar. No flowers necessary with this statement piece.

Perfect way to add a little fun to your photos. These would be really cute if you didn’t know what the other was saying and the revealing came when you got your wedding photos back.

This was a favorite of mine, when people don’t know your story, you can share it with them. A great and entertaining read, perfect for your cocktail hour or near a dessert bar to start conversation.

Photo booths seem to just be part of every wedding now, so get a sign the signifies the location of the photo booth so your guests don’t miss out on all the fun.

“Pucker Up” enough said. There is a lot of love to share, this is a great sign to include in your thank you cards. Too cute!

Two of my favorite signs are the “I Do, Me Too” signs. They just seem sweet.

I love that this sign sets the tone for the wedding and is a great welcome for guests.

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. In this case you don’t need to have any words, but you still are offering that wedding personalization.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Veils Explained!

Blusher Veil

The blusher veil is a short, single layer of veiling worn over the bride's face before the ceremony. It usually measures between 24 to 26 inches from the top of the headpiece to the hem of the veil. Traditionally, the groom will lift the blusher veil at the end of the ceremony to kiss his bride for the first time as husband and wife. Another popular way to lift the veil is for the father of the bride to escort his daughter down the aisle, and once they reach the alter and her groom, he lifts the blusher to kiss her and present her to the groom.

Birdcage Veil

The traditional birdcage veil is a short veil that extends just below the chin of the bride. However, a new way to wear it is to crop the net so it falls just below the eyes or to sweep it asymmetrically across the face. The birdcage veil is a dramatic, modern, and unique choice of veil. The bride must have a vibrant and fashion-forward personality, as well as, be a bold and confident woman.

A birdcage veil is made of French, Russian, or English netting. The size of the squares that make up the netting is what differentiates the three classifications, with the French netting being the tightest weave with the smallest squares and the English being the largest squares.

Shoulder Length Veil, also called the Flyaway Veil

The shoulder length veil measures approximately 18 to 22 inches in length. A shoulder length veil is perfect for dresses that have a lot of details, such as beading, on the bust, waist or lower back. It doesn't compete with the details and allows them to be seen by guests and easily photographed. Shoulder veils are great for less formal events, where the bride wants to show off her beautiful dress.

A great version of the shoulder length veil is the flyaway veil. It is for the more "spunky" bride that wants her wedding to be all about fun and fashion, and less about tradition. This is a multi-layered veil that brushes the shoulders, measuring 18 inches in length. It is a less formal style of wedding veil and a great choice for brides wishing to emphasize the back details of their gown and for an ankle length wedding dress.

Elbow Length Veil

An Elbow length veil extends down to the elbow, and can be a single layered or multi-layered when paired with a blusher veil. It measures about 25 inches long and is most appropriate in an informal setting. Elbow length veils look beautiful with a romantic ball gown style dress, because they end where the fullness of the skirt begins.

Fingertip Length Veil

The fingertip length veil is the most commonly worn style, because it is universally flattering on every size and shape of bride, as well as it coordinates well with the majority of dress styles. This popular veil is called fingertip length because it is approximately 36 to 45 inches long and extends to the bride's fingertips.

Kate Middleton wore an absolutely gorgeous silk tulle fingertip length veil when she married Prince William on April 29, 2011. The length of her veil was a unexpected surprise, yet, it was perfect compliment to her delicate figure and elegant dress. Most people expected a cathedral length or regal cathedral length veil, but Kate's choice to wear a beautiful fingertip length veil enabled her to show off her stunning Alexander McQueen gown while maintaining the formality of the Royal Wedding.

Waltz Length Veil, also called Ballet Length Veil

The Ballet veil also called the waltz veil is extremely flattering on brides wearing a fitted gown without a train. It is a beautiful long length, but doesn't overpower a delicate or body-hugging dress. The length of the ballet veil is approximately 45 to 60 inches long and falls somewhere between the knee and the ankle.

Chapel Length Veil, also called a Sweep Veil, or Full Length Veil

Chapel length veil, sweep veil and full veil are interchangeable names for the length of veil that just brushes the floor. The chapel veil typically measures between 70 and 90 inches, and it should extend 6 to 12 inches beyond the train of the gown.

The Chapel Length or sweep veil is a great veil for a formal, elaborate gown with a chapel or sweep train. It is slightly shorter than the cathedral length veil, but they still drape onto the floor. Also, it is a great length have a multiple layer veil and combining the blusher veil and an elbow length veil.

Cathedral Length Veil

The Cathedral length veil is the longest and most formal wedding veil. It is the ultimate show stopper and looks best when worn with a cathedral or semi-cathedral length gown. The cathedral length veil is perfect for
the dramatic bride, having a formal event and a long aisle to walk down. It usually measures between 108 to 120 inches. Traditionally the veil is taken off after the ceremony and wrapped around the couples chairs at the reception to show they are united as one. Then the veil is kept and wrapped around the bassinet of their first born child as good luck.

Brides who are looking for an even longer veil, can go for the Regal Cathedral length veil which extends 130 inches or more. A great example of this veil worn by the beloved Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles.

Additional Veil terms to know when looking for your wedding veil:

Pouf Veil

A pouf veil is a gathered piece of tulle or netting that fastens to a headband, comb or headpiece to create additional height for the veil.

Mantilla Veil

A mantilla is a circular veil made lace, silk or tulle with lace around the edge. It is secured with a comb which allows the veil to frame the face and drape over the head and shoulders. The mantilla veil is typically associated with traditional devotional practices among women in Catholicism.
A mantilla veil is most appropriate for formal and semi-formal weddings held within a church, but can be worn at other ceremony locations as long as it coordinates with the wedding gown and the theme or type of wedding.

Double Tier Veil

A double tier veil consists of two layers, usually of different lengths. A double tier veil is a great option for brides who want to wear a blusher during their ceremony.

Triple Tier Veil

A triple tier veil consists of three layers, usually of different lengths. The triple tier veil is great for brides who want a dramatic veil. Many triple length veils are made with removable tiers so the bride can remove the chapel or cathedral length portion of the veil, and continue to wear the shorter lengths throughout their reception.

Veil Length Reference Chart