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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnifique is UNIQUE!

I have had many people ask how my bridal boutique is different than the others in the area......
We are different in so many ways. One of the big differences is that when you arrive at Magnifique Boutique you will not be in a busy strip mall you will be in a quaint neighborhood in the Sellwood area of Portland. The shop itself is in a 100 year old house!

Upon arrival you will be offered a beverage including beer, wine and champagne to sip while you peruse the gorgeous gowns that we offer. You will also notice that these are not the same gowns that you have seen in all of the other shops. We have many exclusive lines that can only be found at Magnifique.

When you are here trying on gowns you will be our only appointment. Brides need a lot of attention and gown shopping is supposed to be a fun and pampering experience. You don't feel pampered if the person helping you is also attending to other clients at the same time.

We work around your schedule, if you can't come in until after our regular hours that is fine we can schedule you in when you are available to come in. That is one reason why we are open on Sunday while many of the other shops are closed.
Another option is that we will close the shop after hours to only you and your bridal party so you can all try on as many gowns as you would like and the entire shop is exclusively yours!

We also feature local jewelry designers and tuxedo rentals for the guys. So come on over to Magnifique Boutique and we hope to see you soon!

Jennie Streitberger