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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Book Alternatives:

Pass around a blank journal book, ask the guest to write their own memory of the bride and or groom.

Instead of the traditional guest book, have a framed canvas for your guest to sign. This is something you can hang in your home together as a unique memory of your wedding day.

o Leave blank squares to mount snap shots, from the ceremony to make as a collage.

Another thought is have a friend of family member at the door with a Polaroid instant camera. Take photos of each guest as they enter, and have them sign the photo. That way you really get to see everyone of your guests!

Really neat idea mail each guest a guestbook page. They can take their time and create, write something special. The guests then bring the page with them to be placed in the guestbook. What an awesome memory, very personal, and very unique.

o The bride and groom will have something much more well thought out then a hurried scrawl in a book as they pass by, they get to think and create and make it memorable.

o Great for all those scrap booking creative people out there, they can make a masterpiece for the couple perhaps including some memory photos of themselves with the bride and or groom!

Try a Birthday Calendar the Bright Life blog spotlights a fun way to remember your guests – with a birthday calendar guestbook. Each guest locates their birthday and signs on that square. What a fun way to document attendees as well as create a handy calendar for remembering the birthdays of the special people in your life.

If having a vintage, rustic or shabby chic affair, consider placing your instructions to your guests inside an old typewriter. Nice touch, functional, and adds to your decor.

Writing on puzzle pieces is a new trend. You can put the puzzle pieces together and later frame it. From: Bella Puzzles

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