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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perfect Summer Wedding Tips

In the Northwest the months of July through September are when most brides and grooms choose to get married. Yet, even those months do have rain and it is best to be prepared for whatever weather may come your way.
Either way, in the Northwest you should always have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding. This is where the expertise of a professional wedding planner can really save you and your wedding. The best plan is to reserve a tent with sides and heaters as a back up plan. You will typically have to put down a deposit on these items with the rental company and may lose it if you don't need to use the items but, in the end think of that money as insurance. If you wait until the week of your wedding and rain is in the forecast it will be much harder to secure these items because everyone else that is getting married outside is doing the exact same thing!

Heaters are really important as well because if people are cold they will leave early and we all want people to stay and enjoy the whole wedding and reception. If your guests will have to walk from the ceremony to the reception it is a good idea to have umbrellas for them these can be rented as well.
On the other end of the spectrum you should have a plan set if it's going to be really hot. Make sure that there is shade for people to sit in and again renting umbrellas is not a bad idea. If your dining tables are going to be in the sun you can always get unbrella tables instead. Also make sure everyone has water to drink! Don't wait until after the ceremony for the water either. It is easy to have a bucket with bottled water that people can have before the ceremony especially if they are sitting in the sun.
Another fun idea is to print your programs on fans or have small fans as favors. Also make sure the bridal party stays hydrated!! Especially guys wearing all black in their tuxedos! Also beer doesn't count as hydration!! :) Another option is to have cold towels for people to use after sitting in the sun. Most important especially for those in the wedding party and having lots of pictures done. Wear sunblock SPF 45 because you don't want to have red faces in your pictures. Also a lot of makeup these days has sumblock in it and works well for re-applying if you are sweating.

Remember on your wedding day don't stress about the weather! There is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. Instead of being bummed about the liquid sunshine embrace the rain and use it to your advantage. For instance you can get really cute pictures with you and your new husband under an umbrella, if your facility has a fire place have it lit to add a cozy space for guests to warm up to. Candles are easy items to add last minute while they don't work great when it's sunny and 90 degrees but, when it's cold and rainy you instantly have a really romantic look. If you have cute rain boots pull em out and use them as well for fun pictures. Just remember your wedding is never ruined by the weather and if you are having a great time so will your guests!

Jennie Streitberger
Magnifique Events
Wedding & Event Planner

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