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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fantastic Bridal Shoes

Pink is the fastest growing and leading bridal footwear brand in the UK. The Pink brand is young, fun and trendy offering a broad range of styles to suit the bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride.
Pink styling is influenced very much by high street trends, which are then translated into fabulous satin bridal shoes. Pink footwear can be hand coloured to match your desired colour to help to complete your look for any special occasion.
Magnifique Boutique carries a large selection of these fantastic shoes. I personally am a shoe fanatic and I LOVE these shoes. They can be dyed many colors and even after the wedding you have have them dyed black so you can wear them over and over.
Wedding Shoe Tips:
  1. When you buy your wedding shoes make sure to break them in before the wedding. I wore mine to our wedding dance classes to make sure I would be able to dance in them at the wedding.
  2. It is good to have a couple pairs of shoes at your wedding in case your feet get sore plus it's fun for pictures. I had 3 pairs for our wedding 1 pair of heels that were for the ceremony, 1 pair of cowboy boots for dancing and fun pictures and 1 pair of flip flops for when my feet said no more! This is good for the bridal party as well, flip flops are a great alternative for summer weddings when the shoes start to hurt.
  3. If you are getting married on a lawn pass on the spike heels, you don't want to get stuck in the grass. Also make sure the wedding facility does not water the grass the day of your wedding so that it is dry for your guests and a little harder surface to walk on. A good shoe for a ceremony on a lawn is a stacked heel or a wedge shoe.
  4. Also make sure your wedding planner has band aids and mole skin on hand for anyone who gets a blister.



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Mangnifique Boutique

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