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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sellwood Passport Event

As of this morning we are new members to the Sellwood Westmoreland Business Alliance and will be participating in the Passport Event on August 8th.

“Passport to Sellwood” functions as a venue to move people around the neighborhood. Each person receives a ‘passport’ and is encouraged to visit as many businesses as possible to get their passport stamped at all of the participating businesses. Once they have 6 or more stamps on their passport they are eligible to enter the raffle to win gift certificates donated from the local businesses.

So of cousre we will have our gorgeous front yard all decked out for the event. Come check out the wedding gowns that will be on display at street level along with assorted accessories and tuxedos.

Join in the fun and get your Passport stamped at Magnifique Boutique!

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