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Friday, February 26, 2010


In todays marketplace and economy it is common to find something that you like in a store and then see if  you can find it for less online. I even do this myself with computers and office supplies but, for a wedding gown I would never do this! You are taking a HUGE risk when you purchase a gown online. This is because what you see online is not what you get.

You might go to a boutique and even get the style number and then you see it online for a fraction of the cost. This is because the online companies are illegally using the photos from the designers and then in fine print saying that the dress will not be exact but "similar" to the photo. Also if the online site says you can change the color or alter the dress in ways the actual designer would not then it is a knockoff, I recently found a site where you can choose what designer tag you want in the dress.

What many people do not know is that the gown designers do not sell their gowns online AT ALL. Only authorized retailiers are allowed to sell their gowns and even we are not allowed to sell the dresses online and would have the line revoked if we did! Now many designers are putting tracking devices in the gowns so they can find out if any of the online stores are selling their dresses and who they are getting them from.

If everyone were to buy their dress online then all of the bridal shops would go out of business and you would not have a place to go and actually try on the dresses.Please support our local economy and don't buy your dress from an overseas web based company. There is something to be said about customer service and the gown shopping experience. So remember if it's too good to be true it probbably is and you get what you pay for!!!

Here are a few websites that you should avoid!!!
Best Bridal Prices
House of  Brides
E Bridal Superstore
Best Dress Price

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